cre8movement Stretch Therapy


  •  47% of your flexibility is locked up in your joint capsule.
  •  42% of your flexibility potential is in your fascia.
  •  Stretching can reduce or eliminate tight muscles.
  •  Stretching can reduce or eliminate stiff joints.
  •  Stretching improves your circulation.
  •  Stretching makes you feel and look younger.
  •  Stretching makes you stronger.
  •  Stretching makes you taller.
  •  Stretching can reduce pain.
  •  Assisted stretching works much better than self stretching.

    Features of
    Fascial Stretch Therapy
  • Pain-free
  • Increases joint space
  • Eliminates Trigger Points
  • Improves muscle activation & relaxation
  • Manipulates, lengthens, re-aligns and re-organizes your fascia
  • Improves flexibility on the first session & becomes cumulative with multiple sessions
  • I will teach you how to maintain optimal fascial flexibility after we identify & eliminate the problems


    Benefits of Fascial Stretch Therapy

  • Improved posture & muscle function to do what you couldn't do before.
  • Being pain-free allows you to finally enjoy a life of quality.
  • Restoration of normal joint space is Anti-Aging at its best - youthful movement without Pain!
  • Will make all the difference in sports performance.
  • Reduces injuries so you can get on with your goals in fitness, recreation, sports and life


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