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We specialize in FST, and that's what we do full time.
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Ivonne Reinhardt - Ivy

Founder, Owner
Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist - Medical - level III
Board Certified Massage Therapist, MLD/C
State License # NVMT.5216
Fascial Movement Taping - Level 2 Certified RockTape Provider
Cert. NLP Master Coach

Ivonne is a graduate from Nevada School of Massage Therapy in May 2011, and has been a licensed Massage Therapist since June 2011. She also completed the Master Bodyworker Program of the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in August 2011.

She has been Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist through the Stretch to Win Institue since October 2011, level 2 certified since July 2012, and medical level III certified since June 2013. Ivy, "I had no idea how much FST can help with all kinds of chronic pain and postural imbalances. When I read about FST first, even before I experienced it on myself, I knew this was one missing part. With massage therapy I cannot work with the joint capsule, with FST I can and that is a game changer."

Her goal is to help my clients to create balance in their body to be able to move freely without pain.

She was always very active and eager to learn more about the human body and it's functions. In Germany Ivonne went to full time school for athletic training for two years. she used to engage in competitive bodybuilding while co-owning and operating a gym in Germany where she focused on helping individuals to reach their goals with personal training. Since Ivonne started running end of 2007, she ran 90 marathons und ultra marathons, and completed several 50-Mile races and one 100-miler. She knows how important it is for athletes to maintain full range of motion and keep the body in balance to be able to stay injury free, and train and perform at their personal best. She is practicing Yoga, and Meditation, and is passionate about personal development.

Dirk Reinhardt
Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist - level 2
Peak Performance Coach
NLP Master Coach

Dirk started to work out on a regular basis at the age of 11. With the age of 14 he joined a gym to learn more about the human body and its function. At the age of 20 he competed the first time in a Bodybuilding contest and became Junior National Champion of Germany in 1996. One year later, in 1997, he had the chance to start his own business, co-owning a gym, and Dirk started to coach individuals in training and nutrition.

Seeing the fascinating results with Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Dirk decided to follow his passion and hellp people to reach their goals and achieve balance in their body through the most innovative and highly effective therapy: FST. Dirk has been a Fascial Stretch Therapist since June 2013. Among his clients are professional Tennis players, Golfers, Bodybuilders, Cirque du Soleil Performers, Triathletes, Runners, etc. he also has experience in helping athletes to successfully come back from with a variety of injuries.