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Assisted Mobilization Stretching

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Investing in FST is an investment in your health.
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Our Fees vary by Therapist according to level of certification and experience.

The time showing is hands-on time so you will spend a little over an hour for an hour session at our office.


For those who want to make sure you're taking care of your body on a regular basis we're offering a             Lifestyle Membership 

  • Includes one one-hour FST session, additional sessions in the same month are the same rate.
  • Membership duration is 12 months, continues monthly afterwards.

Level 3 Cert. Fascia Stretch Specialist:
Ivy Reinhardt: 

New clients: Please contact Ivy by phone (call/txt) to inquire about her availability / wait list.

Fascia Stretch Therapy (with Ivy):
$140 / 1 hour       
5-pack:   $ 130 / 1 hour, total $ 650
10-pack: $ 125 / 1 hour, total $ 1250

 Lifestyle Membership at $120/month includes one hour FST, additional sessions in the same month for same rate.

Sessions with Ivy can include different modalities to achieve the desired results, like Deep Tissue, Russian Sports Massage, Myokinetics)

* Packages of 5 sessions expire 10 months after purchase, packages of 10 sessions expire 18 months after purchase.

Introductory FST session with Robert -

Limited Time,

first time clients with Robert only!

Level 1 Certified Fascia Stretch Therapist

Robert Wiliams

Introductory FST 1 hour $75

$ 100 / 1 hour    
5-pack:   $ 90 / 1 hour, total  $450

10-pack: $ 85 / 1 hour, total $ 850
Lifestyle Membership at $ 85/month
includes one hour FST, additional sessions in the same month at same rate.

FST sessions with Robert are customized to your individual needs, and may include Massage Therapy modalities. Credit card is only needed to hold the appointment. Fee will be due at the time of the session.

Individual Yoga sessions - one-on-one:

Yoga for posture, for clients with low back problems, Hip problems, Knee problems, etc. We will be using props, chair, and modifications specifically for your needs.

One hour session with Ivy: $100

Sound Healing with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls

Experience the healing properties of sound frequencies and vibration. The Alchemy Singing Bowls are infused with precious metals and/or gemstones and create a healing and very relaxing sound emersion experience. Ivy is doing a guided meditation for part of the session, and you will have time to just enjoy the sound and receive the healing frequencies. It is a very unique experience since every alchemy bowl is unique. 

50 Minute Sound Healing Session with Ivy - $80

Self Care & Sound Healing Class (Held at former RYK Yoga Studio, now Queendom Cultivation, at 8450 W Sahara Ave, Suite 109-110)

A class using Self-Care techniques to help you reset your nervous system, boost your health and immunity, and awaken compassionate relationships. Simple exercises like tapping, breathing, and humming prepare you for a 20 minute sound healing relaxation followed by a short mediation. 

Experience the healing energy of Alchemy Crystal Bowls!

​$20 per class, Must register online. 

NLP Coaching / Transformational Coaching

One on one coaching with Ivy, certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
If you're looking to discover more about yourself, unconscious patters that lead to behaviors, self-talk, to release negative, unresolved emotions & limiting beliefs, discover more about how your mind works and then program it in a way it benefits you and helps you to easily and joyfully create your dream life, then NLP coaching is for you!

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