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Assisted Mobilization Stretching

Investing in FST is an investment in your health.
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                                                        Single Session:     Package of 5*:    Package of 10*:
Fascia Stretch Therapy:          $130 / 1 hour        $120 / 1 hour      $115 / 1 hour
For Lifestyle Members:                    $105 / 1 hour                        
                                                         $75 / ½ hour  (lower or upper body      

           For those who want to make sure you're taking care of your body on a regular basis we're offering a
                                                     Lifestyle Membership at $105/month 
                                  includes one one-hour FST session, additional session $ 105;
                                  Membership duration is 12 months, continues monthly afterwards.

Massage Therapy (Customized, Deep Tissue, Russian Sports Massage)
$100 per 60 minutes hands-on.
Package of 5* sessions:   $90/session
Package of 10* sessions: $85/session

* Packages of 5 sessions expire 10 months after purchase, packages of 10 sessions expire 18 months after purchase.

NLP Coaching / Transformational Coaching

One on one coaching with Ivy, certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming).
If you're looking to discover more about yourself, unconscious patters that lead to behaviors, self-talk, to release negative, unresolved emotions & limiting beliefs, discover more about how your mind works and then program it in a way it benefits you and helps you to easily and joyfully create your dream life, then NLP coaching is for you!

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